Slow Buffering and stutters on some clients


Some clients takes a long time to buffer streaming video, and stuttering occurs.



Plex Transcoder trancodes in 4MB chunks for most clients. Clients have to wait until 4MB chunks of video are written before streaming will start. The lower the video quality, the longer it takes to complete the 4MB chuck before it starts streaming. This can cause stuttering because if the 4MB chunks of video are not ready, that’s when stuttering occurs.



Set the highest video quality possible that network allows. Video stuttering can be reduced, by pausing the video for a couple of seconds to allow Plex to buffer more chunks of video. The lower the online quality, the longer you would have to pause to allow Plex to buffer.



Applies to

  • Roku
  • Chrome (HTML5)
  • And maybe more clients that relies on 4MB chunks…

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