PMS upgraded to 0.9.17.x and above, video stops working.


With PMS 0.9.17.x and above, channel stops streaming videos. Only Plex Media Player works.

Plex Media Server log file has an entry:

[Transcoder] Error opening filters!



Since PMS 0.9.17.x, transcoder have been built differently. PMS doesn’t recognize AC3 streams properly.



Download a short duration of the video from HDHomeRun device by using your browser:

http://[hdhomerun_ip]:5004/auto/v[channel number]?duration=1

ASTC Example:

Add the video (.mpeg extension) to Plex using Home Videos option. Play the video via Plex, this will create the required decoder in the Plex support folder.

Now try streaming a channel. (Does not fix Android devices that doesn’t have AC3 decoders)


Applies to

  • PMS 0.9.17.x and above

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