Channel Logo

This guide is written for Windows PMS, use as quick guide.


Step 1: Obtain logos

Get some channel logo; download, create your own, or use zap2xml with the -i command.


zap2xml -Z 01851 -Y USA-OTA01851 -d 2 -i icons_folder

A folder called icons_folder should be created in your folder that contains zap2xml.

High resolution logos are no longer available through zap2xml.


Step 2: Resources Folder

Navigate to your HDHR Viewer Plug In contents/resources folder.

Copy the logo and named accordingly to the HDHR Viewer Settings.


HDHR Viewer settings: Channel Logo match by channel = number.





HDHR Viewer settings: Channel Logo match by channel = name.





Note: Permitted characters are – (dash), _ (underscore) and . (dot). Another other characters removed. Example:

My Channel -X.GFD%$#/a? = logo-MyChannel-X.GFDa.png


Note: Case-sensetive depending on OS. You can find the file name by looking at the Plug-In log file (com.plexapp.plugins.zyhdhomerunviewer.log). Example:

2014-10-15 14:43:47,259 (16dc) : DEBUG (logkit:13) - 2.1:WGBH-HD
2014-10-15 14:43:47,259 (16dc) : DEBUG (logkit:13) - thumbnail:logo-WGBH-HD.png
2014-10-15 14:43:47,262 (16dc) : DEBUG (logkit:13) - 2.2:World
2014-10-15 14:43:47,262 (16dc) : DEBUG (logkit:13) - thumbnail:logo-World.png
2014-10-15 14:43:47,263 (16dc) : DEBUG (logkit:13) - 4.1:WBZ-TV
2014-10-15 14:43:47,265 (16dc) : DEBUG (logkit:13) - thumbnail:logo-WBZ-TV.png
2014-10-15 14:43:47,266 (16dc) : DEBUG (logkit:13) - 5.1:WCVB
2014-10-15 14:43:47,266 (16dc) : DEBUG (logkit:13) - thumbnail:logo-WCVB.png

Step 3: Test it out