Initial Setup

Discontinued, use HDHomeRunV2


  • Plex Media Server (PMS)
  • DLNA-compatible HDHomeRun tuner.

Step 1: Download HDHR Viewer

Obtain latest copy of the HDHR Viewer / HDHomeRun Viewer Plug-In. Latest copies of the plug-in is located at:

Extract the zip file.

Step 2a: Windows Installation

The Plex Media Server plug-ins folder on Windows is located inside the user directory:

%LOCALAPPDATA%\Plex Media Server\Plug-Ins\

The fastest way to get to the plug-in folder is by right-clicking the Plex Media Server icon in the notification area, and click Open Plug-ins Folder.


Copy the HDHRViewer.bundle folder from the extracted zip file, to the Plug-ins folder.

Step 2b: OS X

Using the Finder’s “Go” menu, select Go To Folder… then enter the following in the dialog box that pops up:

~/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Plug-Ins

Step 2c: Other OS

Refer to PLEX Support @


Step 3: Set HDHomeRun IP

Launch Plex Media Server Media Manager, HDHR Viewer will be listed under Channels. Hover and click the gear icon to reveal the HDHR Viewer Settings. Enter the IP address of your HDHomeRun device into the HDHomeRun IP setting, and click Save.


Step 4: Start using HDHR Viewer