XMLTV (zap2xml.exe)


Step 1: zap2it

Register and setup for zap2it account, select zip/postal code and channel lineup.

Manage Favorite Channels 

Select your favorite channels from the Available Channels and add them to My Favorite Channels.

Additional Settings:

Check Show six hour grid and Show only my favorite channels in the grid.


Step 2: Download zap2xml.exe

Obtain the latest copy and extract the file to folder of choice.

Windows Example:



Step 3: Run zap2xml.exe (Windows)

Create a batch file (zap2xml.bat) to run the command (replace with your email and password):

zap2xml -u email@example.com -p MyPassword


Step 4: Test Run

Run the zap2xml.bat batch file. A xmltv.xml file should be generated when the program runs successfully.

Step 4: Channel Guide App

Download and extract the Channel Guide App (eg. C:\HDHRViewer\). Edit the app-config.yml file, configure xmlTvPath to configure to the path of your xmltv.xml (eg. C:\HDHRViewer\xmltv.xml). Change the http port if required.


Create a batch file (RunChannelGuide.bat):

java -jar channel-guide-app.jar server app-config.yml

Launch RunChannelGuide.bat

Step 5: HDHR Viewer 2 Settings

Go to the HDHR Viewer 2 Settings, check Enable XMLTV, set XMLTV Mode to restapi and set XMLTV API URL. (eg. http://localhost:8998/programs)


Go to the HDHR Viewer 2 Settings, check Enable XMLTV, and set the XMLTV Location to location path of your file (eg. C:\HDHRViewer\xmltv.xml).

Test it out.

Plex-HDHRV2Screen shot shown above are with XMLTV (restapi) and Channel Logo enabled.

Step 6: Task Scheduler

Set the Task Scheduler to run the program daily

Start Task Scheduler. Create a new task, give it a name XMLTV


Add triggers for At log on, and Daily.


Add action to Start a program. Set it to point to the batch file, and remember to enter the folder name in Start in (optional):