Multiple instance of the plug-in

To have multiple instances of the plugin, the are modifications needed to be done:

  1. Shut down Plex Media Server if you’re modifying it in the plug-in folder.
  2. Copy HDHRViewerV2.bundle and renamed it to something like HDHRViewerV2_example.bundle
  3. In HDHRViewerV2_example.bundle and edit Contents/Info.plist file. Modify com.plexapp.plugins.hdhrviewer.v2 to com.plexapp.plugins.hdhrviewer.v2example

  4. Edit the Contents/Code/ file.
    Change the TITLE (eg. ‘HDHR Viewer 2 – Example’)
    Change the PREFIX (eg. ‘/video/hdhrviewer_v2_example’)
  5. Relaunch Plex Media Server. Go to the new instance of the plug-in and modify the settings.