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Channel Guide App (optional)



Version V2-beta by hychiang@plex
Rewriten completely by hychiang@plex
XMLTV support with Channel Guide App by hychiang@plex (requires JAVA, but runs so much faster overall)
Multiple folders/favorites

Version V2-beta-0.03
 by hychiang@plex
OTA channel numbering fix

Version V2-beta-0.04 by hychiang@plex
Search currently playing with Channel Guide App
Roku fix

Version V2-beta-0.05 (2015-09-08)
Channel Icon by name/number re-introduced

Version V2-beta-0.05e (2016-01-28)
Minor tweaks

Version V2-beta-0.06 (2016-03-01)
PMS 0.19.16 fix
Channel Program image (with Channel Guide App 0.0.4 and -I command for zap2xml)

Version V2-beta-0.06a (2016-03-18)
PMS fix
Plex FireTV 2.5.8 fix (PMS windows only)

Version V2-beta-0.06b (2016-03-19)
Plex FireTV 2.5.8 fix on non-windows (hopefully)

Version V2-beta-0.06c (2016-03-20)
Plex FireTV 2.5.8 fix

Version V2-beta-0.07 (2016-06-13)
PMS fix. Removed “mpeg2video” definition.
XMLTV file mode reintroduced (interparse method, faster than V1)
HDHomeRun guide.
Minor code changes.

Version V2-beta-0.07a (2016-06-21)
Potential PMS fix. Changed mpeg2video to libx264. <– Stupid me, accidentally set HDTC to transcode in device.

Version-V2-beta-0.07b (2016-06-23)
Added back “mpeg2video”.

Version-V2-beta-0.07c (2016-06-23)
HDHomeRun guide fix for missing program/channel logos.


HDHRViewer (discontinued)



Version 0.0 Build 20140312a
Initial Release

Version 0.1 Build 20140325a
XMLTV support. (zap2xml/mc2xml)

Version 0.2 Build 20140417a
Bug fixes
Changes logo filename format

Version 0.3 Build 20140602a
20140530beta2 firmware favorite fix
xmltv maximum listing added to settings
HDHomeRun Plus (HDTC-2US) transcode (not tested) added

Version 0.4 Build 20140724a
Empty channel/guide name fix
Error:ProgramInfo fix
Custom lineup file support
Better resolution trancoding
HDHomeRun Plus (HDTC-2US) none/auto transcode option (thanks to lazybones!) Set to none for other HDHomeRun.

Version 0.5 Build 20141018a
Renamed to HDHR Viewer
Auto Transcode fixed/rewritten.
Auto Transcode fix and renamed to “Pre-Transcode” to avoid confusion.
Reintroduce HDTC-2US transcode profiles (v0.3 feature)
New Channel Icon
New setting (XMLTV matching by channel number or name)
New setting (TVChannel channel logo matching by channel number or name)